Gait Analysis


As a specialty running store, we care what shoes you end up in. Namely, we care that you know what the right shoes are for you. That's why shoe shopping at KC Running & Sports Medicine is different. Our process involves a gait analysis, which helps us to determine the right shoes for you to eliminate aches and pains or prevent new ones. A gait analysis allows us to see (and show you) what your feet are doing throughout the running motion, which is what tells us the kind of shoe you should be wearing. 

Once we establish the right shoe (or kind of shoe) for you, we will bring our several shoes for you to try on. Our goal is to help you find the most comfortable shoe so that you feel confident in your purchase! If you find you do not like the shoes you end up purchasing, we do have a 14 day return policy. In order to accept returns, they must be within the 14 day window and be re-sellable (e.g. not dirty, messy, scuffed, or anything else that would prevent us from being able to sell them again). We recommend taking them home and wearing them around the house or on the treadmill to ensure that you are in love with your purchase. If you do choose to bring a pair of shoes back, our staff will be more than happy to refit you for a new pair of shoes. 

A more detailed description of the gait analysis:


1. We have you walk or run on the treadmill without your shoes on. We record you on the treadmill and then play it back for you so we can show you exactly what we are seeing and why we suggest the shoes that we do. 


2. We measure your foot to make sure that you are wearing the correct size. For running shoes, we suggest you wear at least a half size larger than you measure, if not a full size larger. This is to give you some room for your feet to swell and move as you exercise, without hitting the end of the shoe (which could cause injury or blisters).

3. We have you try on several pairs of shoes to determine which ones feel the best. We recommend basing everything off comfort, not look! If you don’t like the color of the shoe that is the most comfortable, ordering in a different color is always an option. Special orders usually take 7-10 business days to be fulfilled. 

4. Your feet thank you for purchasing a good quality pair of shoes, and you are off to exercise!