Strikers Soccer Orthotics


Strikers Soccer Orthotics


Product Description

The Only Orthotic Specifically designed to fit your soccer shoe!


– The Strikers unique mid-sole is contoured to specifically hug the mid-sole of the cleat, eliminating the usual bulge and tight fit created by other inserts.
– From the heel, to the ball of the foot, to the end of the toe box, Strikers provide you total contact support.
– Medial and lateral arch support provides a more neutral position for the foot, thus providing additional protection from the injuries occurring from uneven surfaces.
– The same shock-absorbing materials found in custom orthotics, combined with a fully-cupped heel, aids in a more stable hindfoot and reduction in heel pain, a common complaint of soccer players at all levels.

          Men’s            Women’s
S1       3                           5
S2       4                           6
S3       5                           7
S4       6                           8
S5        7                           9
S6        8                          10
S7         9                         11
S8        10                        12
S9        11                         13
S10      12-13
S11       14

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