Core-Sport 15-20 mmHG Compression Arm Sleeve


Core-Sport 15-20 mmHG Compression Arm Sleeve


The Core-Sport by Therafirm Compression Arm Sleeve delivers a controlled amount of pressure which is greatest at the wrist and gradually decreases around the upper arm. True gradient compression can help provide more energy for endurance, reduced muscle fatigue, and protection from injury. It’s core-spun construction makes it ultra stretchy, easier to put on & more comfortable to wear.

Core-Sport by Therafirm Features Include:

  • Graduated compression for better circulation and added support and stabilization
  • High-tech fibers that wick moisture away from the skin
  • Comfort top that stays in place without binding
  • Antimicrobial to help prevent odor in the sleeve
  • Stretchy yarns conform to the arm comfortably without loosing shape

Measure around elbow and bicep for sizing:

Elbow                  Bicep             Size
7.5-9″                     9-14.25″           SM
9-10.5″                   9.75-15″            MD
10.5-12.25″            10.5-15.75″       LG
12.25-13.75″           11.5-17″            XL

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